The Museum's Board of Directors

Board of Directors

  • Jessie Linyear, President
  • Lansing Davis, Vice President
  • Joyce Atkins, Recording Secretary
  • Beverly Walkup, Correspondence Secretary
  • Laura Ross, Treasurer
  • Valerie Butler
  • John Croston
  • Hazel Edwards
  • Donna Fontaine
  • Charlotte Hayes
  • Richard Linyear, Sr.
  • Ariane Williams
  • Aston Williams

Advisory Committee 

The advisory committee is a collection of individuals who bring unique knowledge and skills to the organization, augmenting the knowledge and skills of the board of directors to more effectively guide the Board of Directors.

This committee does not have authority to govern the organization; rather it serves to make recommendations and/or provide key information and materials to the board of directors.The advisory committee works at the discretion of the chair. Current members are:

  • Dinah Everett
  • Monica Diggs
  • John Edwards
  • Barry Pierce
  • Troy Seaborne
  • Carol Little
  • Lynn Rose
  • Edythe "Edie" George
  • Phyllis Wellons
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